Bat Exclusion

Having an infestation of bats is a huge problem within itself but there are other issues that come with this. Bug Busterzzz can eliminate all of the problems associated with bats. Bug Busterzzz will exclude them from your home and also clean up the hazardous feces that they leave behind. Many times bats will also carry bat bugs. These are similar to bed bugs and look almost identical!”

Why Use a Bat Removal Professional and Not a Bat Exterminator?

The primary reason is that bat exterminators no longer exist. The bat exterminator and his method of using poison to kill bats have been replaced with the humane bat exclusion process. Bats provide a much-needed service by eating insects (including mosquitoes) and keeping those populations under control. Extermination is no longer a necessary step in the bat removal process. With our services, bats are forced to leave your home. In addition, your home is secured against future bat infestations by bat removal specialists who have years of experience in the most effective ways of getting rid of bats without chemicals.

Commercial and Residential Pest Control Services

Bug Busterzzz provides professional exterminator services for residential and commercial properties and offer one time treatments and annual treatments. Whether your in Augusta, Waterville, Oakland, Winslow, or Farmington–Bug Busterzzz is here for you! Our local service area is central Maine, but we can also accommodate other locations and destinations.

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Bug Busterzz is a locally and Veteran owned company serving the State of Maine for over 5 years. We are certified pest management professionals. Call us for a free inspection today and we’ll handle your pest control needs!