Ticks & Mosquitoes

Let Bug Busterzzz Pest Control and Wildlife Service’s take care of your tick and mosquito issues. Don’t let the mosquitoes ruin a nice evening of sitting outside. Maine summers are short enough as it is. Let Bug Busterzzz give you back your yard! This is a monthly treatment that is done through the warmer months of the year. We will target areas that ticks and mosquitoes like to hide and rest in. With our tick and mosquito reduction program you can enjoy more time outside and less time thinking about disease ridden pests.

Tick and Mosquito Reduction Surveys

Bug Busterzzz will evaluate your property for potential breeding grounds and high risks areas. We will come up with a landscape plan that will naturally reduce the amount of ticks on your property. This will help you and your family reduce the risks of Lyme disease. Over the years we have had great success with this GREEN PEST CONTROL method.


The deer tick is a small tick that years ago only inhabited coastal areas of York and Cumberland Counties, however it has now been found in every county in Maine.. It is capable of transmitting Lyme Disease, which reported cases are also on the rise in Maine. The early signs of the disease show up as a rash at the bite site and then flu-like symptoms. Untreated cases may lead to arthritic conditions and possible neurological problems. Bug Busterzzz will treat your lawn and help identify areas on your property where ticks are likely to be. American dog ticks, also called wood ticks, are larger than deer ticks and the unengorged female has a whitish shield on its back. This tick readily attaches itself to humans and is one of the most commonly encountered ticks in Maine. The highest populations of the wood tick are found in southern Maine – in Oxford County and surrounding areas. However, ticks have turned up recently in great abundance in areas north of Oxford County and into Kennebec County. Some wood ticks outside of Maine may carry the organism that causes Rocky Mountain spotted fever, a serious disease that can be transmitted to humans. The symptoms of Rocky Mountain spotted fever are headache, fever, and aching muscles two to 14 days after an encounter with a tick. Two to three days after the fever starts, a rash develops on the wrists and ankles, spreading to the palms, soles, and trunk of the body. Wood ticks are most likely to be found in open areas with tall grass or brush. Adults are first noticed in late April and remain to abundant through June. Numbers seem to decline sharply after that, but some occur all summer. The brown dog tick is rarely found in Maine. It is transported here from areas south of Massachusetts on pets and occasionally on clothes. Although this species is not likely to feed on humans, it has been found in homes- even on beds. Dogs are the brown tick’s most common host and source of blood meals. This is why the tick is most often found in kennels and pet beds. Rats and mice may also be intermittent hosts. This tick does not overwinter in Maine.

Commercial and Residential Pest Control Services

Bug Busterzzz provides professional exterminator services for residential and commercial properties and offer one time treatments and annual treatments. Whether your in Augusta, Waterville, Oakland, Winslow, or Farmington–Bug Busterzzz is here for you! Our local service area is central Maine, but we can also accommodate other locations and destinations.

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